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Tax & Bookkeeping Services for Individuals & Families

Expertise and Attention to Detail Equal Peace of Mind

I love tax planning and preparing tax returns. I’ll take a wild guess and say you don’t like it much and have more important things to do.

We should work together.

This is going to make me sound as geeky as the old accountant clichés, but I get excited about tax returns. To me, they’re big ol’ puzzles; I can’t wait to dive in and solve them in ways that are the most advantageous for you and your family. Same goes for keeping absolutely accurate books month after month for you, a dependent adult or an elderly family member.


Grab Taxes by the Horns

Whether you’re just starting out, you’re several years into career and family or you’re getting close to retirement, comprehending tax rules, procedures and opportunities can be overwhelming. Preparing the most advantageous tax return can be complicated and stressful.

Life changes fast, and with it your tax obligations. Time is always an issue, and you have better ways to use yours, right? Being with your spouse and kids or grandkids, getting involved in church and community, recharging after a long week at work or simply enjoying your precious downtime – these are the things that make all the hard work worth it.

There’s also that “what if” in the back of the mind. Perhaps there’s a nagging feeling you could have received a bigger tax refund last year if you’d had some help preparing your tax return. Or maybe hearing certain words, like “taxes,” “liabilities” and “audits” just stresses you out.

That’s O.K. I’m here to help make sense of it all, offer ideas that’ll lighten your tax burden, and work with you on strategies that’ll keep benefitting you into the future.


What I Do

My job is to put you and your family in the best possible position when it comes to paying taxes you owe and not paying taxes you don’t owe.

It’s listening carefully and making suggestions. Making sure you get all the deductions you deserve. Leveraging every positive tax implication of your personal and employment circumstances. Developing strategies that create tax advantages for years to come. And dealing with the hassle and stress of tax season so you don’t have to.

Ultimately, it’s making sure you pay less to the federal government. After all, you work hard for your money. You should be able to keep more of it.



The most important thing is that we click. Our initial meeting will be as much about making sure we like each other as it is about getting a handle on your tax and financial needs.

From there, it’s about earning your trust every day. I want you to have the peace of mind of knowing everything I’m doing for you – from bookkeeping to tax return preparation to tax planning – is done right, as quickly as possible and always with your best interests in mind.

So when you need someone to do your taxes or bookkeeping, get in touch.