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Individual & Famliy Tax Planning and Preparation

Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Cash

My mission is simple: do your taxes properly so you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Whether it’s tax preparation that positions you in the best possible way for this year, tax planning that sets the table for paying less and getting more back in future years or digging out of a hole with the IRS right now, I have the experience and expertise.


Evergreen and You

Here are just a few examples of some of the tax issues and questions I can help you address right off the bat when I’m doing your taxes:

  • What credits and deductions do I qualify for?
  • How much should I contribute to causes and organizations I care about this year?
  • What income do I need to report?
  • How much can I deduct what I pay my family members for work they do in my small business?
  • How much should I contribute to my IRA or other retirement account?
  • I’m behind on my taxes. What’s the best way to get caught up?
  • How much money should I stick into my retirement account before the deadline?
  • How does interest, investment and rental income fit into the big picture?


And that just scratches the surface.

I’ve done more than 3,000 tax returns for individuals, families and businesses in my career, so I’ve seen just about anything you can imagine when it comes to state and federal tax preparation. I’m also an IRS enrolled agent, which means I can represent you before the IRS for anything related to your federal taxes.


Forward Thinking

Once we’ve addressed all the immediate issues and questions, we’ll be proactive in tax planning that will position you well for future.

We’ll meet monthly or quarterly to discuss your situation, if there’s anything new, if anything’s changed and what that could mean for your tax return. We’ll change our strategies accordingly.

Keeping more of what you earn is a journey. I’ll be right there with you along the way, preparing your tax return and planning so you pay only the taxes that are required and get more of a refund back.