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Business Formation the Easy Way

I’ll Make Sure You Get It Right the First Time

Most people have no idea how to set up a business, and that’s O.K. Business formation can be daunting, especially when it comes to short- and long-term tax implications.

You need to think about things like the best business type for your venture, personal asset protection, tax identification numbers, employee identification numbers and…. Good news is you won’t have to think about them too much when you work with Evergreen.

The first thing I’ll do is set up a Limited Liability Corp. Why? Because it’s a state designation that will protect your personal assets in the event something goes wrong right off the bat. It won’t, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Next, we’re going to talk about who will be involved and how, and what your goals are for the business. Based on that, I’ll recommend a business type that will provide the most beneficial tax advantages. From there, I’ll take care of all the stuff you don’t understand, let alone have the time or inclination to study and learn.

  • Make you a registered agent.
  • Call the state tax department about questions that arise.
  • Send you documents for signatures.
  • Help you figure out how much it’s going to take to keep the doors open for the first few months and years.
  • File for a federal tax identification number
  • Keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Provide you an easy-to-follow binder with all your information in it.

You’ll get the peace of mind of knowing everything about your business formation that relates to taxes is being done correctly.

Without all those details on your mind, you’ll be free to launch your new venture and the next stage of your life.